The Process Selling Framework
(Private Consultancy)

A Hands-on Approach to Implementing an Effective Sales Function

  • Has your business stopped growing?
  • Are sales and revenues inconsistent?
  • Are your margins shrinking?

Is it time to address the underlying issues? Our role is to help you get to where you need to be. We do this by identifying the gaps in your sales function and providing you with the structure, processes, knowledge and skills to bridge those gaps.

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Consistent Sales Activity results in a Full Pipeline, Sales Targets that are Consistently met, and an Always-Positive Cash Flow Position

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Our Lead Generation model, customised Sales Playbook, group Training Courses, and individual Coaching sessions, will not only elevate your sales performance but also foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth for your business.

Equip your salespeople to do their job consistently, efficiently, and effectively. Leave nothing to chance by mapping out activities, aligning offerings and buyer personas, engaging in meaningful conversations, and planning to close.

What you Stand to Gain

By Implementing the Process Selling Framework, you will...

  • Create a Lead Generation Machine that Results in an 'Always-Full' Pipeline and Consistent Revenues
  • Align your sales activities with your corporate goals and strategies
  • Create a structure with clearly defined roles and areas of responsibility
  • Implement metrics that deliver measured accountability 
  • Understand each component of the sales function and why it's necessary
  • Know what's required of you, as the sales leader, to keep the function on track
  • Know what's required from each member of the team, to keep the function on track
  • Learn how to recognise the traits of a successful salesperson and avoid bad hires
  • Provide your salespeople with two separate training courses, Business Development and Sales Execution

Module 1 - Business Development

You Can’t Sell unless you have an audience to reach out to, and you Won’t Sell unless you actually reach out to them - consistently!

Core Focus Areas

  • Strategic Sales Review
  • Sales and Self Preparation
  • Product and Persona Mapping
  • Lead Generation Activities


  • Annual Activity Roadmap
  • Improved Sales Productivity
  • Engaging the Right People
  • A Continuous Stream of Leads
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Module 2 - Sales Execution

The objective is to Convert as many of your hard-earned leads as possible, leaving nothing to chance with a Structured Sales Approach.

Core Focus Areas

  • Tailoring Your Sales Process
  • Communications
  • Discovering the Opportunity
  • Closing Techniques


  • Documented Sales Playbook 
  • Meaningful Conversations
  • Prompt and Cheat Sheets
  • Closing Plans and Timelines

How it Works

The Framework is comprised of phases to choose from, and each phase can be tailored to suit individual requirements. The starting point is our Sales Audit, a free 45-minute structured interview to understand your needs. This in turn determines the phases and options we offer you.

Phase 1 - Business Development - Prospecting

  • Build your audience and engage with it through outbound campaigns.
  • We work with you to determine the strategic approach, product selection, target market, and messaging.
  • Culminating in an Annual Activity Roadmap.
  • Most activities are within the scope of salespeople.
  • We also cater for a more technical and automated approach through continuous Email Marketing Campaigns.

Phase 2 - Sales Execution - Converting

  • The objective is to convert the leads you generate.
  • This is maximised by following a structured sales process.
  • Through a consultation, we get to understand your business and apply best practices to sales engagements.
  • We map out your process in stages, each stage with its own set of criteria, and present it as a Sales Playbook.
  • The playbook becomes the basis for an instructor-led Sales Training Course.

Phase 3 - Becoming Proficient

  • The implementation of a new way of doing things can be a little daunting until you get into the habit of doing it.
  • To complement the consultancy and training already provided, we offer Individual Coaching Sessions.
  • Different roles will face different challenges and all are catered for.
  • In the long term, coaching is best delivered by the sales leader, so we support their efforts through Sales Leadership Coaching.

What our clients say about us 

“We needed to take a fresh strategic approach to our sales process, right through from sales prospecting to closing. Brendan proved to be highly skilled in understanding our issues and working with us to create an effective approach. We continue to engage Process Selling on an ongoing basis.”

Pat Reidy
Xyea (Risk and compliance software)
“With a view to accelerating business growth, I engaged Process Selling to help with implementing a sales function. The results were very impressive, and we are well on our way to achieving our goals. I highly recommend Brendan for his high-level strategic thinking.”

Melissa Walsh
Managing Director MW Design, Print, & Signs
“I engaged Process Selling soon after being appointed Sales Director. Brendan provided the structures and processes required by me to perform my new role successfully. I would highly recommend Process Selling to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.”

Lisa Cullen
Sales Director
Aperture Glazing
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