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When you need help with implementing change

It can be difficult to get your head around all the components of implementing an effective sales function, especially in the short term. If you find yourself in this position, we're here to lend a helping hand.

Sales Consultancy provides a 'hand holding' approach to implementing specific projects to enhance the sales function. Typically the hand we hold is that of the sales administrator, who reports directly to the sales leader.
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Consultative Services

Components of the Sales Function

For the sales function to deliver its goals, it must contain certain components, such as:
  • A Sales Process
  • A Lead Generation Strategy
  • A Value Proposition
  • Qualification Criteria
  • A CRM System
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Closing Strategies
  • Reporting Structures

We work with the administrator to ensure the necessary components are in place and functional.

Skills and Behavioural Assessments

The Sales IQ Plus assessment is an objective analysis of an individual’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully. It answers the question, “Can this person sell and how will they sell?” Like any profession, selling has a body of knowledge related to successful execution. It is this knowledge that the Sales IQ Plus measures.

DISC assessments measure a person's behavioural tendencies, providing them with insights about their own style, how to recognise the style of others, and how to adjust their style to communicate better.

All assessments are conducted online and the results come in the form of a detailed report. DISC reports are debriefed on a consultancy call with Brendan Dunne, a DISC accredited practitioner.

What our clients say about us  

“With a view to accelerating the growth of my business, I engaged Process Selling to help with implementing an outbound sales function. Prior to this, I relied on inbound and networking to generate leads, but I wasn’t engaging with my ideal target market. Working with Brendan, we devised an outbound cadence, targeting the businesses that best suited our offering. The results were very impressive, and we are well on our way to achieving our goals. I highly recommend Process Selling for their structured thinking.”
Melissa Walsh
Managing Director
MW Design, Print, & Signs
“Our objective was to initiate outbound sales campaigns and to lessen the reliance on inbound leads. The Process Selling Framework equipped us with the activities and the metrics to succeed and we are repeating the process with impressive results.”
Bob Gee
Managing Director Connect Promotions
“I engaged Process Selling soon after being appointed Sales Director. Although I held a sales position with the company for many years, I felt the new role required a managerial approach that was outside the scope of my experience. Brendan provided the structures and processes required by me to perform my new role successfully. I would highly recommend Process Selling to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.”
Lisa Cullen
Sales Director
Aperture Glazing

Sales Leadership Coaching

Sales coaching is best delivered by the sales leader, our role is to coach the coach. The objective of Sales Leadership Coaching is to help leaders to overcome challenges, embrace change, and to realise a vision of business growth.
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Evolution of an SME

B2B SMEs evolve from micro-businesses to small, and sometimes to medium-sized businesses, often without the foresight of planning. Business growth comes from the efforts of the business owners and key people having a 'can-do' attitude and reacting well to opportunities. Before they know it, they are presiding over a company with tens of staff and turning over many millions.

Leaders emerge from the ranks because they are trusted, they are capable, and they show promise, but they can often lack management skills and systems. The business can sustain this position for many years because revenues and margins are good and at the end of the day, the books balance, and a profit is made.

But then something happens, something changes, causing the business owners to reflect on their position. Business owners may come to realise that, unlike their accounting, warehousing, manufacturing, or engineering functions, the sales function doesn't have the trained manager, the systems and procedures, or the accountability metrics for the function to perform consistently. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't!

Sales Leadership Coaching will ensure that the function always works. That people do what they are supposed to do, when they're supposed to do it, and in the required measures.

Is Sales Leadership Coaching for me?

Whatever your path to leadership was, if you can identify with these struggles:

  • You are responsible for your own target and goals, and these tend to take priority over the needs of your subordinates.
  • When a new hire is needed, they are hired on the basis of their personality and not on their skill levels.
  • Sales performance is measured on lagging indicators (results), instead of leading indicators (activity).
  • Continuously reinventing the wheel when generating leads or progressing deals, is affecting success rates.
  • Without standardised processes and procedures, when things don't work out, you struggle to understand why.

  • Then yes, Sales Leadership Coaching is for you!

Why Executive Coaching?

“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.”

John Russell - MD Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.
Sales Leadership Coaching, as with any business coaching activity, involves providing guidance, support, and feedback, to enhance the client's skills, knowledge, and performance. It is based on a professional relationship between the coach and the leader, and in an SME context, this is often the business owner.

The primary objective of the coach is to create an environment where the client and coach are familiar and comfortable with each other, and for the coach to fully understand the challenges the client is facing. Challenges vary from developing and implementing high-level strategies to improving leadership abilities, and enhancing decision-making skills.

At a lower level, the objectives are to identify areas of improvement, set clear objectives, and develop action plans to achieve desired outcomes. Coaching typically involves a series of one-on-one sessions, where the coach utilises various techniques and tools to facilitate learning and growth. These include active listening, asking powerful questions, providing objective feedback, offering guidance on specific issues, and fostering accountability.

Ultimately, the objective of the sessions is to reach a point where the client has overcome the business development and sales challenges that were preventing the outright success of the sales function. The outcomes are increased sales activity, more opportunities, increased sales and margins, consistent revenues, and accelerated business growth.

What our clients say

"I found Brendan to be an excellent sales coach and mentor. He understands the world of B2B selling and what a small business owner needs to do to be successful. I can truly say that time spent with Brendan has had a positive impact on my performance."
Pat Reidy, CEO - Xyea
"Brendan clearly understands the sales function. Our organic growth brought us a long way, but Brendan is helping us to move to the next level. We have learned that it's not enough to simply react well to customer demands, but we need to drive business growth through planned activities. My outlook for the future is much brighter since Brendan's involvement in our business."
Noel Connolly, Managing Director - AFT Blinds

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