Break the Glass Ceiling of Business Growth by Implementing the Process Selling Framework

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Brendan Dunne is the founder of Process Selling and a seasoned sales professional. Prior to founding Process Selling in 2015, he spent 30 years in various sales executive and managerial roles, primarily in the technology sector.

He adds value to B2B SMEs who have the potential to grow, but struggle with the sales function. This struggle can be costly in terms the delay in moving to the next level and the high cost of trial and error.

Brendan views the sales function like any other business function, such as accounting or warehousing, it should function seamlessly and consistently, but unfortunately, that's not always the case.

This pain point led him to develop the Process Selling Framework, a mechanism to equip B2B SME owners and managers to implement an effective sales function that delivers continuous business growth.
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