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Break the Glass Ceiling of Business Growth by Implementing the Process Selling Framework

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Brendan Dunne is a seasoned sales professional. With over 30 years of experience in various sales executive and managerial roles, primarily within the technology sector, he established Process Selling in 2015.

As his business name suggests, Brendan truly believes that sales is a process, a series of stages for salespeople to bring their prospects through, towards the ultimate goal of fostering long term business relationships.

He also believes that the greatest sales challenge faced by B2B SMEs, is that of consistent activity, because it's the absence of consistency that is the cause of missed sales targets, slow growth, and cash flow problems.

The Process Selling Framework is designed to address the issue of inconsistency by providing the business with an effective sales function, that is always 'sales ready', removing the barriers to consistent sales activity.
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