Unlock the Power of a Process Selling Approach to Achieve Business Growth

  • Accelerate Business Growth
  • Achieve More Consistent Revenues
  • Improve your Cash Flow Position
  • Increase Margins
  • Retain Existing Customers
  • Expand your Customer Base
  • Retain Valuable Staff
  • Ramp Up New Hires Quickly

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Success Formula:

♦ Knowing What to Do
+ How to Do It
+ Actually Doing It

Is Process Selling for me?

Yes, if you are a B2B seller and you believe you should be selling more, but for whatever reasons, sales are poor or stagnant.

Often times the reasons are difficult to pinpoint and therefore the solution is unclear, and this can lead to paralysis.

To overcome this, we offer a free sales audit, a structured interview to discuss 20 critical components of a sales function to identify the gaps.
Many B2B SMEs are technical in nature and driven by entrepreneurs and innovators who are passionate about their product or service, the industry they operate in, and business in general. It is this passion that drives them to succeed, building fabulous businesses by solving problems that others struggle with.

New SMEs grow primarily through word of mouth, by the people involved in the business leveraging their network of contacts and building reputational value. This type of activity and growth can last for many years and lead to the business turning over many millions.

It's the nature of business that this type of activity and growth is limited. At some point, growth will plateau and a new initiative is required to bring the business to the next level. As this happens, the business is also evolving in terms of product or service offerings, leading to opportunities that can only be exploited through a structured sales process.

The challenge for some B2B SME owners and managers, is that their background is of a technical nature and not in sales or marketing. It's not that they can't sell, of course they can, they have built a successful business through selling, the challenge is managing a structured sales function.
This lack of experience can lead owners and managers to make the usual mistakes of taking people from technical roles and putting them into sales without the proper structures or training, or hiring experienced salespeople without the management structures to ensure they perform.

The Process Selling Framework is designed to overcome these challenges. It equips owners and managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools, to take control of their sales function and to drive their business to the next level with confidence.

How to Embrace Process Selling 

The modules that comprise Process Selling are Business Development (lead gen) and Sales Execution (conversion) and these are available independently in e-learning format for self learning.
The Framework - Private Consultancy
The Framework is a consultative approach, where we work closely with clients on an individual basis, implementing an effective sales function. The Framework is modular.
The Programme - Group Learning
The Programme takes a learning approach, where clients join a group of like-minded people looking to achieve sales success. The Programme includes both modules.

What our Clients are Saying About us

“We needed to create an effective sales function, one that we could simply say to new hires, ‘this is what we do, you simply need to follow the process’ and that’s exactly what we got!” - Thanks Brendan
Nicola byrne
“We needed to take a fresh strategic approach to our sales process, right through from sales prospecting to closing. Brendan proved to be highly skilled in understanding our issues and working with us to create an effective approach. We continue to engage Process Selling on an ongoing basis.”
Pat REidy
“I engaged Process Selling soon after being appointed Sales Director. Brendan provided the structures and processes required by me to perform my new role successfully. I would highly recommend Process Selling to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.”
Lisa cullen
Sales director
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