Helping Tech Business Owners
Become Effective Sales Leaders

  • Become Sales Proactive
  • Go Beyond your Comfort Zone
  • Sell what Brings the Highest Margin
  • Sell what Brings Business Growth
  • Avoid Cash Flow Problems
  • Leverage Existing Resources

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Sales Success comes from Knowing:

♦ What to Do
+ How to Do it
+ When to Do it
+ Who to Do it With
+ How to Do it Consistently

Sales Challenges for a Technology Companies

It starts with a great idea, technical ability, and a gap in the market.
It grows through technical competence, commercial awareness, and word of mouth referrals.
It reaches a point where staff are measured in 10's and turnover is measured possibly in millions.
And all along this incredible journey, there has never been a dedicated or titled salesperson.
Now things are changing, overheads are demanding, referrals are limited, and offerings are expanding.
It's time to go beyond the comfort zone and bring it to a wider audience with more potential.
But who's going to do it? What exactly are they going to do? How will they do it? etc.
Process Selling has the answers in the form of a framework, a blueprint for sales success.
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Process Selling 

Equip your organisation with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to achieve sales success.
  • Move at your Own Pace
  • Align with a Framework
  • Choose what Works for You
  • Establish Processes and Procedures
  • Build a Library of Sales Collateral
  • Know what to Do, How to Do it, When to Do it, Who to do it With, and How to Do it Consistently 

What our Clients are Saying About us

“We needed to create an effective sales function, one that we could simply say to new hires, ‘this is what we do, you simply need to follow the process’ and that’s exactly what we got!” - Thanks Brendan
Nicola byrne
“We needed to take a fresh strategic approach to our sales process, right through from sales prospecting to closing. Brendan proved to be highly skilled in understanding our issues and working with us to create an effective approach. We continue to engage Process Selling on an ongoing basis.”
Pat REidy
“I engaged Process Selling soon after being appointed Sales Director. Brendan provided the structures and processes required by me to perform my new role successfully. I would highly recommend Process Selling to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.”
Lisa cullen
Sales director
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